Turfan Tarımsal’s Meaning

TURFAN: It is a Uyghur city in the Uyghur autonomous region of China. It is located in the Turfan region, in the northeastern part of the Taklamakan desert, surrounded by mountains. It is one of the hottest places in the world. Agriculture in the region is carried out with water brought from the mountains through underground channels called KARIZ, 60 kilometers long and dating back 2500 years. These channels are a work of engineering. The word “turfanda”, used for early fruits and vegetables, originates from the Turfan basin, an oasis in the desert, where early fruit and vegetables are produced due to its hot climate.

Our Vision

The name Turfan was chosen in order to support the company’s vision of presenting various produce to its customers in the fastest way and by considering the cost-benefit balance throughout the year, thanks to the use of necessary production and preservation technology.

Restaurants & Retailers


Turfan Tarımsal produces frozen potato products for restaurants and retailers in Turkey and around the world. Since the day the company was founded, we have continued to develop innovative and customer-oriented products with the slogan “From soil to table” with our popular Golden Fries brand.

Ensured Quality

Our Golden Fries brand is consistently producing the same quality for our customers without sacrificing quality.

Packaged With Care

We pack our products carefully in our factory without any hand-contact to ensure the safest quality, bringing the freshest frozen potatoes to your table.

Agricultural Support

We are frequently supporting and educating farmers about updated information on growing quality products.

Turfan Tarımsal

Why Choose Us?

As Turfan Tarımsal, one of the leading producers of the frozen potato sector, we use modern technology to build quality, safe and healthy produce based on product purity. We are making continuous improvements in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Once our potatoes are grown and carefully harvested from the enriched lands of Anatolia, we prepare them for you with he same care. Our company uses completely hygienic and organic methods, presenting our consumers with the promise of quality and delight.