The Great Adventure: From Field to Table

Turfan Tarımsal’s Meaning

TURFAN: It is a Uyghur city in the Uyghur autonomous region of China. It is located in the Turfan region, in the northeastern part of the Taklamakan desert, surrounded by mountains. It is one of the hottest places in the world. Agriculture in the region is carried out with water brought from the mountains through underground channels called KARIZ, 60 kilometers long and dating back 2500 years. These channels are a work of engineering. The word “turfanda”, used for early fruits and vegetables, originates from the Turfan basin, an oasis in the desert, where early fruit and vegetables are produced due to its hot climate.

Our Vision

The name Turfan was chosen in order to support the company's vision of presenting various produce to its customers in the fastest way and by considering the cost-benefit balance throughout the year, thanks to the use of necessary production and preservation technology.

Our Pledge

The establishment purpose of our company is to control all production processes starting from the germination of the seedlings. Thanks to strong supplier agreements in the best regions of Turkey and it’s strong capital, we ensure the production of the highest quality of raw materials at exceptional standards. We promise to serve only the best to corporate customers such as; luxury restaurants, chain restaurants, kiosks, hotels and cooks with the support of effective sales/distribution network.