About Our Products

Quality Cheese Products

Turfan Tarımsal produces cheese in various sizes and cuts. Providing for restaurant chains and more under the esteemed cheese brand Üç Yıldız brand.

Quality Workmanship

Our factory employees produce cheese following our prestin hygiene and health protocol.

100% Natural

No additives or harmful preservatives are used in the making of our cheeses.

Produced with Care

Our cheeses, such as Çeçil and Örgü, are hand-shaped individually by our talented factory employees.

Modern Agriculture

We take pride in using cow, goat and sheep milk only resources by trusted local farmers.

Fresh Products

Our cheese is sent directly to the markets from our factory after production.

Protect the Environment!

We take great responsibility in minimizing the carbon footprint of our factory and respecting nature. We carefully dispose recyclables and food waste created in the production process, by not creating unnecessary harmful emissions and waste.

Factory Video

Cheese Production: